Allure magazine week of FREEbies

  • Sumo

One week of free stuff from Allure magazine sponsored by P&G Beauty

Starting on Monday, September 26, P&G Beauty is giving away 10,000 full-size versions of each of the products below – that’s 50,000 pieces of FREE beauty loot up for grabs!

Day One, September 26: Pantene medium-thick hair solutions professional level damage repair (at noon EDT)

Day Two, September 27: CoverGirl lashblast volume blasting mascara (at noon EDT)

Day Three, September 28: Secret natural mineral (at noon EDT)

Day Four, September 29: Olay collections luscious embrace body bar with massaging design (at noon EDT)

Day Five, September 30: Olay essential complete all-day UV moisturizer (at noon EDT)

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  1. lopare February 22, 2012 at 10:16 AM

    Amazing post. Thank you!

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