April Sims Poetry: A Moment In Time



© April Sims   

i am truly BLESSED to wake up with no ailments

i still have

my sight

my speech

my thoughts

my smell

and my sense of touch

and sometimes i am selfish

and the above never seem to be enough

and every time i feel those feelings

God fully opens my eyes

and lets me see things differently

then i immediately fall to my knees

and thank him for all of the precious gifts

that he has bestowed upon me

precious gifts like your friendship


we never knew when we encountered one another

that a priceless friendship would flourish

but he bestowed upon you persistence

because a stubborn one i am

i thank Him every day for your persistence

i think at the time you pushed

and i pulled

we both needed one another

we both needed to breath and share

the same space

and the same air

if not forever . . . then for at least a moment in time