April Sims Poetry: Contractions Hurt

  • Sumo

I was talking with a fellow poet / spoken word artist yesterday and he was a little down and out. He was suffering from the same problem that we all suffer from . . . trying to please others while not trying to lose sight of his dream. I know most if not all of us have gone through this or are experiencing this right now. I know I often battle with this struggle. With that said, I freestyled the following this morning.


Contractions really hurt

When you about to give birth . . . birth to a dream

Sometimes the opposition is so tough

That you just want to scream

But you have to keep going

You have to keep striving

The brass ring is almost in sight

It’s so bright that you can see it at night

I know times are hard

And sometimes you feel like crumbling under the pressure

I know times are hard

And sometimes you feel like you can’t hold up the weight

The weight of others

That will smother . . . you . . . if you allow them to

The weight of others along for the ride

Because they see what you posses inside

And you feel bad because you cannot please yourself and them

NEWSFLASH!!! They have to take a backseat slim

You have to strive and achieve to be the best you . . . you can be

While you are still here

Because when you are gone

You will only make a small ripple in the pond

And after the ripple dissipates

The crowds will too

They will find someone else’s shoulder to sit on

And hold onto

So my young friend with that said . . . listen to this old head

You need to worry about the Trinity

That has reserved a place at the table for you

And make sure you stay steadfast

Because this too shall pass

And concentrate on not moving your feet

So you will not lose your seat

5 Responses to April Sims Poetry: Contractions Hurt

  1. Stephen Young February 8, 2012 at 8:52 PM

    Fabulous!!! It is good to know that there is kind and caring people out there.

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