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Chicago Teacher Files Lawsuit For Using The ‘N’ Word

A teacher in Chicago utilized the ‘N-word’ to teach his students a lesson on derogatory language, and was later suspended from his job for using “verbally abusive” language, as documented on an official civil rights complaint filed last Thursday. The teacher, Lincoln Brown, employed at Murray Language Academy, has since filed a lawsuit against the […]

PETA plans to get its message across by promoting nudity and more

Wow! What in the world are things coming to? Norfolk, Virginia based PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) plans to get its message across by promoting nudity as well as porn. Several stars including Eva Mendes (see photo above), Dennis Rodman, Chad Ochocino and Pamela Anderson have disrobed (see images below) to assist […]

Golden-Voice Homeless Man Reunited With Mother, Given Job and Home

I’m sure you have heard by now about Ted Williams, the homeless man that was reunited with his mother after 20 years, given a place to live, given a job, along with numerous other job offers. His story has shed light on the homeless situation. Some people feel the world is paying too much attention […]

Parents fight car thief to save their baby [video]

Surveillance cameras catch carjacker trying to take a vehicle as parents fight for their child’s safety. Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Two Million Americans Are Losing Their UnEmployment Benefits this month

Update: Several hundreds of thousands lost their benefits starting today. 🙁 Republicans and conservative Democrats said they are willing to consider extending unemployment benefits if it does not add to the trillion plus deficit. Incredible! In order to receive unemployment you have to  have worked. “People who get unemployment put it right back into the […]

Joe Jackson refiled Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Papa Joe Jackson did not get satisfaction when he filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray in Las Vegas, so this time he is taking his case to Los Angeles County Superior Court. He is also suing Pharmacy Services in Las Vegas. They are the company that sold Propofol to Dr. Murray. Propofol […]

50-year old grandmother charged in the murder of her 2 1/2-year old granddaughter

As I reported this morning Carmela Dela Rosa, a 50 -year old grandmother was suspected of allegedly throwing her 2 1/2-year old granddaughter Angelyn Ogdoc several stories to her death at a shopping mall in Virginia. The 50-year old Fairfax woman has been now been arrested and charged with murder, according to Ian Rodway, the […]

Grandmother Faces Possible Murder Charges For Allegedly Throwing Her Grandchild Off a Bridge at Tyson's Corner Center

Carmela Dela Rosa of Fairfax, Virginia is facing possible murder charges for allegedly throwing her 2-year old granddaughter to her death in Virginia. The grandmother allegedly threw her granddaughter off a footbridge at Tyson’s Corner Center. The footbridge connects the mall to a parking garage. What in the world could make a grandmother do this? […]

Uh Oh! Mama Jackson Is Putting Her Foot Down and Giving Out Eviction Notices

According to TMZ, Katherine Jackson is fed up with Alejandra and her band of merry men. Mrs. Jackson is having the Hayvenhurst family compound in Encino renovated. During the renovation, the entire compound will be Jackson free. When the dust has settled and it is cool for everyone to move back into the compound, Alejandra, […]

LOL! Cookie Monster audition for Saturday Night Live [video]

Cookie Monster has watched several stars over the years blow up from being either cast members or guest of Saturday Night Live. The latest star to be re-hoisted into fame was Betty White. I guess this inspired the furry blue cookie eating monster to launch a video campaign to get him on SNL as a […]

T.I. Letter From Jail, DMX in Jail Again? and Wesley Snipes on His Way To Jail

They say things happen in threes.  Three young black men and the prison blues. T.I. and DMX are wards of various states and Wesley Snipes will soon be joining them. 2010 has been one crazy year. T.I. Letter #3 From Jail Rapper T.I. wrote letter No. 3 from prison. The letter was posted to his […]

High school basketball coach whips player with weight lifting belt [video]

Murrah High School boys basketball coach Marlon Dorsey whips player with weight lifting belt for blowing a play in practice. The beating of one player was captured via a cellphone. According to a parent Dorsey had no problem issuing “corporal punishment” in the presence of parents. “I took it upon myself to save these young […]