Know The Difference Between Confidants, Constituents and Comrades [video]

The following video by T.D. Jakes will be a wake up call for many. It is good to be able to verbalize different kind of people in your life. EXCERPTS FROM THE ABOVE VIDEO “Don’t mistake your constituents for confidants”. “When you walk in a room and you tell somebody good news, stop being happy for a minute and watch their reaction. If they are not happy for you shut your mouth and walk back out of the door … If they are really connected to you, Continue reading →

Full Episode of Oprah’s Lifeclass: the Tour: Tony Robbins on Living Fearlessly

When you want to make a transformation in your life, you need to seek out avenues in which to obtain your goals. The internet has made seeking knowledge easy, fast and comfortable. I came across this video of Tony Robbins on the Oprah Winfrey Lifeclass series. I hope it is as powerful to you as it was to me. Full Episode of Oprah’s Lifeclass: the Tour: Tony Robbins on Living Fearlessly During this broadcast from New York City’s famed Radio City Music Hall, Oprah and Continue reading →

April Sims: Don’t Let Someone Else’s Paralyzing Fear Hold You Back

Don’t Let Someone Else’s Paralyzing Fear Hold You Back Many are faced with the daunting task of having to leave their friends and loved ones behind in order to achieve their goals. This is the crossroad of life that will make or break individuals. Many are afraid that if they move on without their friends and loved ones that these same people will hate them. This 50/50 chance of being hated has kept millions upon millions from obtaining their goals. If you choose to move Continue reading →

Expose yourself to greatness

Expose Yourself To Greatness I remember when I was a little girl and one of the neighborhood children came down with chickenpox. Word spread like wild fire up and down our block. All the parents made sure they exposed their children to this child in hopes their children would contract chickenpox to get it over and done with. The same goes for greatness. Put yourself in a position to be exposed to greatness. Surround yourself with those that are on your level or higher and Continue reading →

Pastor Keith Battle It’s Not All Bad [video]

People can say what they want to say about Facebook (and other social networking sites). I truly believe that you find what you are looking for. With that being said, a friend of mine posted the following video of Pastor Keith Battle preaching on I believe I needed to see this video on that very morning. I shared it with others and they shared the same sentiment. I am now sharing this video with you. After you watch it, please feel free to share it Continue reading →

Eboni Boykin homeless to full scholarship from Columbia University

I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook when I came across the most inspiring story. It was the story of 17-year old Eboni Boykin who went from being homeless (and attending over 10 different schools in her short lifetime) to a full scholarship at Columbia University. Columbia University is an Ivy League school. Anything is possible when you keep your eyes on the prize. Eboni’s mom said, “Every opportunity I got we would catch a bus and go to the big pretty neighborhoods with Continue reading →

Bishop T.D. Jakes on Living with Purpose Pt 2 [video]

Oprah said she went through all she went through so she could pay it forward to others to help them live their purpose. I loved this series of videos with T.D. Jakes. The following is my favorite out of the series and I wanted to share it with you. Bishop T.D. Jakes on Living with Purpose, Part 2 Favorite quotes from video I found my way because you left me. I discovered myself when I lost you. I was so engrossed in you that I Continue reading →

When are you going to take the training wheels off?

Some people are training wheels in our lives. When are you going to take the training wheels off? Yes, LIFE is scary, but sometimes the very people you hold onto with all your might are not the right people to hold onto any longer. There comes a time in your life when you HAVE to take the training wheels off. There comes a time in everyone’s life when they HAVE to stand on their own two feet without a crutch. There comes a time in Continue reading →

Today’s Affirmation: I Love My Reflection

Today’s Affirmation I LOVE MY REFLECTION I love my reflection because it was made by the Father up above. This is the reflection that He chose especially for me. There has never been another me and will never be another me, SO from this day forward I will look in the mirror, water or wherever there is a reflection and love my reflection. I LOVE MY REFLECTION “Man In The Mirror” I’m Gonna Make A Change, For Once In My Life It’s Gonna Feel Real Continue reading →

If you can count your friends on more than one hand, count again

“If you can count your friends on more than one hand, then count again” ~ Charles Brown (my dad) As a young girl, I always allowed frenemies to hurt me. Then one day my father uttered these words (see above) and they have stuck with me throughout my adulthood. I have also passed these words onto my children.  

Time is valuable, don’t waste it

No matter how old you are or where you live, WE all have one thing in common and that is – – WE are all given an allowance of 24 hours each and every day. The only exception to this rule is if the heavenly Father pulls our card. With this said, be the best you that you can be and don’t strive to be cheap imitation of another. You don’t have enough time to try to be anyone other than yourself.  You can can Continue reading →

Do You Have Snakes In Your Grass? Learn to Mind Your Business

Some people are so worried about the weeds in the yards of others to the extent their yard gets out of control.  Before they know it – – when they look down they are knee high in grass, weeds and who knows what else. If they cannot see what is in their knee high grass, then how do they know what is in it? For all they know they could have snakes and other deadly things in their grass. If more people worked on keeping Continue reading →