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Street Photography: How Can We Turn A Blind Eye To The Homeless? [pic]

I captured this image in Washington, D.C. The city that makes all the rules and regulations for the rest of the country. How can politicians pretend not to see them? I remember when Ronald Reagan was in office. He said he did not see any homeless people in  Washington, D.C. I guess his limo windows […]

Forbes Woman: No,You Can't Pick My Brain. It Costs Too Much …

One of the best articles/blogs that I have read in a long long time. I love giving advice. I write blogs, articles and a newsletter. I host a radio show. I tweet, Facebook and share nuggets of advice almost daily. So what is it in all of that, that would make anyone think they can […]

PETA plans to get its message across by promoting nudity and more

Wow! What in the world are things coming to? Norfolk, Virginia based PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) plans to get its message across by promoting nudity as well as porn. Several stars including Eva Mendes (see photo above), Dennis Rodman, Chad Ochocino and Pamela Anderson have disrobed (see images below) to assist […]

Never thought I would be happy to pay 3.48 a gallon

I filled up my tank the other day and never thought I would see the day that I would be elated to pay $3.48 for one gallon of 87 gas. A few days later gas was up to $3.53.

Will The Music Trails They Blazed Be Covered With Dirt?

The legends blazed trails across the world for the good of all. They created music from scratch. Now music is sampled and manufactured. Everyone seems to want everything yesterday. Below are a few names of those that passed away this year, but before they left this world – – they made huge contributions to the […]

Wise Intelligent Speaking On The Reason The Youth Are Dumbed Down [video]

Wise Intelligent speaks on the intentional shifting of the paradigm in hip hop music. “Until we deal with the environment that is shaping the before, we will never get to the next level,” says Wise Intelligent. What did you think of his message? Leave your comment in the comment box below.

Street Photography: My friends went to Iraq to look for weapons of mass destruction and …

I took this picture in 2004.  The International Spy Museum was right.

We Can’t Feed The Poor But We Can Fund A War? [pic]

We Can’t Feed The Poor But We Can Fund A War? I came across this image on Facebook. It is a very powerful question and I wanted to share it with you. What is your take on this question?