Don’t Settle For A Temp Relationship When You Can Have A Permanent One

Needle In A Haystack Finding permanent love at a temporary service is like “finding a needle in a haystack”. Stop going through life trying to fill the “so-called void” in your life with someone you know from the very beginning is temporary. Many of us know from the first date if we are interested in pursuing a relationship with someone or not. As soon as one figures this out, they should not make decisions for the other person by dragging on a relationship they do not Continue reading →

April Sims Poetry: Bring Him Back Inside

Living in a society where the divorce rate is so high . . . the following words leaked from my pen. BRING HIM BACK INSIDE You listened to your girls again today And threw him out because you could not get your way You told your girls the good and the bad Women who do this make me mad If you love your man pick up the phone And tell him to come back home You need to swallow your pride And ask him to Continue reading →

You Gonna Make Her Love Somebody Else

This blog was inspired from one line, “told me a lie and didn’t have an alibi”, from Jocelyn Brown’s song entitled “Somebody Else’s Guy”. Don’t make relationship decisions for other people. If you are in a relationship tell the potential other woman that you are in relationship. Then let her decide if she wants to be the other woman. Some women might be comfortable with being the other woman, however the lies come in when a man wants to enter into an extra relationship with Continue reading →

Do You Have Snakes In Your Grass? Learn to Mind Your Business

Some people are so worried about the weeds in the yards of others to the extent their yard gets out of control.  Before they know it – – when they look down they are knee high in grass, weeds and who knows what else. If they cannot see what is in their knee high grass, then how do they know what is in it? For all they know they could have snakes and other deadly things in their grass. If more people worked on keeping Continue reading →

Terrence Howard says he married a racist

Actor and singer, Terrence Howard filed for divorce in L.A. County Superior Court after one year of marriage. Howard claims his estranged wife Michelle is a racist. He claims his wife called him names like “monkey” and n**ger” according to court documents obtained by TMZ. Also according to documents obtained by TMZ, Howard says his wife would get upset and say things like, “[I] never wanted to marry a n**ger in the first place” and “[I] definitely didn’t want to be the step mother of some Continue reading →