Don’t Settle For A Temp Relationship When You Can Have A Permanent One

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Needle In A Haystack

Finding permanent love at a temporary service is like “finding a needle in a haystack”.

Stop going through life trying to fill the “so-called void” in your life with someone you know from the very beginning is temporary.

Many of us know from the first date if we are interested in pursuing a relationship with someone or not.

As soon as one figures this out, they should not make decisions for the other person by dragging on a relationship they do not want to be in because they do not want to hurt the other parties feelings or because they do not want to be alone.

Give the other party the benefit of the doubt and discuss your feelings with them and then come up with a mutual decision. You might be surprised at their answer. This will also prevent resentment and future hurt feelings.

There are many people out there that hold people hostage in a relationship, by settling for a temporary until they can find the person that in their eye sight is perfect for them.

Settling for a temporary will only make both of you miserable in the long run.

You will be miserable, because after a while settling gets old. And the temporary will be miserable because they will be on a mission to please you and no matter what they do it will never be good enough.

It will be like hitting the lottery if you find the person of your dreams while you are in a temporary relationship. This will put you in an awkward position, because the day has come to fire the temporary.

At this point, most people with a heart and conscious will be faced with a difficult decision. Many will try to keep both relationships going until the relationships will not bend any further and they are at the snapping point.

Love triangles typically do not last long, especially when not all parties are aware of this trio.

It is much easier for Mr. or Mrs. Right to find you or for you to find them when both of you are single. This will make an easier transition into happily ever after for both of you.

Remember no relationship is perfect. If there were a such thing it would be called perfectships in lieu of relationships.

~ Soul Food by April Sims

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