Jefferson Memorial

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Jefferson Memorial

I have been visiting the Tidal Basin (forever known as Hains Point to me) since I was a little girl. For the sake of those that know Hains Point as the Tidal Basin, I will refer to this my beloved Hains Point as the Tidal Basin as not to confuse anyone.
Anyhoo back to the review, a lot has changed in this area since my days as a young girl, however my love for the area is still the same.

I love to walk and drive along the Tidal Basin and take in the beauty. I often like to stop off at a park bench and just sit there and look out over the Potomac River to Virginia and admire the architecture or look out over the Potomac River to Reagan National to watch the planes take off.

One of my favorite stops along the Tidal Basin is definitely the Jefferson Memorial. It almost seems to be nestled in a corner by itself away from all the other memorials. It’s closest neighbor is a statue of George Mason. Don’t get me wrong the FDR memorial is right over the little foot bridge as well as the MLK memorial, but you have to cross the foot bridge. Before the bridge is only good ole Thomas and George.

I am a people watcher and this is one of my favorite people watching spots. On any given day you can see buses and taxis unload hundreds of people to see the memorial for the first time. It is great to overhear their conversations as well as see the looks on their faces, especially the little ones.

There is a lot of history for all to partake in for FREE admission.

The closest metro is the Smithsonian, which is a bit of a walk. There is parking along the Tidal basin (parallel parking style or in adjacent lots) or you could get there by tour bus/trolley.


The Jefferson Memorial was erected to memorialize the third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. Construction began in 1939 and everything was complete four years later in 1943.

The 19-foot bronze statue of Jefferson was added in 1947 after World War II restrictions of metal were lifted

The inner walls of the Jefferson Memorial boast words from the Declaration of Independence as well as other writings by Jefferson.

The memorial sits along the Tidal Basin and is extremely beautiful during the Cherry Blossom season. Amateur and professional photographers alike are out in full bloom (pun intended) during Cherry Blossom season to get pictures of the memorial using the blossoms as foreground and background.

  • Born April 13, 1743 in Shadwell, Virginia
  • Did not have a middle name
  • Back in the day he would have been about 6″ taller than the average man. Jefferson stood about 6’2 1/2, which is not tall at all these days.
  • Jefferson and John Adams both died hours apart on July 4, 1826, which was the fiftieth anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson died in Virginia, while Adams died in Massachusetts.

  • Father of the University of Virginia (first secular university in the U.S.)

  • The Library of Congress was originally housed in the U.S. Capitol. After all the books were burned and trashed in 1814 by the British, Thomas Jefferson offered his library of books to get the Library of Congress as we know it today started. Jefferson was appropriated over 20k for his more than 6000 book collection.

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