Hubspot: FREE Webinar, The Science of Social Media Marketing 2010

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SEO guru company, HubSpot is offering a free webinar titlled “The Science of Social Media Marketing 2010.”

The presenter will be HubSpot’s Social Media Scientist, Dan Zarrella. He is the author of The Social Media Marketing Book.

Hubspot Description of Webinar

More and more people are using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to talk about companies and products with their friends and colleagues.

Learn what drives people to share information and opinions online and learn scientifically proven best practices for spreading your content virally through social media.

This presentation is the culmination of nearly four years of research into both online and offline social and viral communications. Dan has delivered this talk at live events all over the country and the last time it was given as a webinar, over 5000 people attended.

It’s a front-runner for Slideshare’s World’s Best Presentation.

The webinar will take place on November 23rd at 2pm ET.

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