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Today’s Affirmation: I AM the Captain of My Ship

Ahoy Maties. Today’s Affirmation: I AM the Captain of My ship. I will listen to my ship’s advisors HOWEVER the only one that is ever allowed to take the wheel on my ship is Jesus. Amen!!!

Today’s Affirmation: I AM GREAT

Today’s Affirmation I AM GREAT My Father is GREAT. I am an extension of my Father, which means there is GREATness in my DNA. I will do my best in each second of my life to uphold the GREATness legacy that is within me. I AM GREAT ~ Soul Food by April Sims

Today’s Affirmation: I AM PRICELESS

Today’s affirmation: I AM PRICELESS!!! Place value on yourself. You cannot effectively love someone else if you do not love yourself first.

Today’s Affirmation: I AM SUCCESSFUL.

TODAY’S AFFIRMATION I AM SUCCESSFUL. I will define SUCCESSFUL by my own definition and not be held to the standards of others. I AM SUCCESSFUL.

Today’s Affirmation: I Love My Reflection

Today’s Affirmation I LOVE MY REFLECTION I love my reflection because it was made by the Father up above. This is the reflection that He chose especially for me. There has never been another me and will never be another me, SO from this day forward I will look in the mirror, water or wherever […]

Today’s Affirmation: I AM LOVE

I AM LOVE I inhale love and exhale love. I surround myself with positive people. I am a mirror reflection of those around me. I can only attract love, because opposite magnets repel one another. “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.” […]

In Life WE Need Bandages and a Change of Clothes

As children WE fell down and got right back up and tried again. No matter how many bumps, bruises or scrapes WE obtained. As adults for some reason we are afraid of soiling our clothes or scraping our knees, which means WE don’t take as many risks. I have my band-aids and a change of […]

If You Cannot Change The People Around You, Then Change The People Around You

If You Cannot Change The People Around You, Then Change The People Around You

“If You Cannot Change The People Around You, Then Change The People Around You” The above is a short yet potent quote that I came across on the internet some time ago and it has always stuck with me. Its okay to go along with your vision and goals – – EVEN if it means […]

Today's Affirmation: I AM a POSITIVE Magnet

Today’s Affirmation I AM a POSITIVE Magnet. I cannot attract negativity because opposite magnets repel one another. I AM a POSITIVE Magnet.