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April Sims Poetry: Bring Him Back Inside

Living in a society where the divorce rate is so high . . . the following words leaked from my pen. BRING HIM BACK INSIDE You listened to your girls again today And threw him out because you could not get your way You told your girls the good and the bad Women who do this make me mad If you love your man pick up the phone And tell him to come back home You need to swallow your pride And ask him to Continue reading →

April Sims Poetry: Milk Still Dripping From Their Lips

I wrote this piece a few years back and it still has the same meaning to me if not stronger with all the wars I am seeing with my own eyes via the news. MILK STILL DRIPPING FROM THEIR LIPS Milk still dripping from their lips Old enough to smoke But not old enough to drink Barely 21 And armed with a gun Our uncle tells our daughters and sons That they can’t kill legally on the streets of the United States And entices them Continue reading →

April Sims Poetry: She

April Sims Poetry: She SHE That was Deeply rooted In her Christ Attended church Mostly every Sunday As most devote Christians do She Worshipped Christ And praised Christ But when She Left the church Apparently She Left Christ inside For outside the Church Her flesh Was truly flesh And hatred it did manifest A hatred that was amended To adapt to Her Christian beliefs She That was Deeply rooted In her Christ Has been laid to rest And returned to the dirt But the hatred Continue reading →

April Sims Poetry: A Moment In Time

  A MOMENT IN TIME © April Sims    i am truly BLESSED to wake up with no ailments i still have my sight my speech my thoughts my smell and my sense of touch and sometimes i am selfish and the above never seem to be enough and every time i feel those feelings God fully opens my eyes and lets me see things differently then i immediately fall to my knees and thank him for all of the precious gifts that he has bestowed Continue reading →

April Sims Poetry: Contractions Hurt

I was talking with a fellow poet / spoken word artist yesterday and he was a little down and out. He was suffering from the same problem that we all suffer from . . . trying to please others while not trying to lose sight of his dream. I know most if not all of us have gone through this or are experiencing this right now. I know I often battle with this struggle. With that said, I freestyled the following this morning. CONTRACTIONS HURT Continue reading →

April Sims Poetry: One

This poem was influenced by thoughts of what my ancestors went through during the times of the African Slave Trade ONE by April Sims I close my eyes and I can hear them singing and I can hear the beating of the distant African drum as their bodies sway in the wind to each beat and each hum I am ONE with their song and ONE with their beat Can you hear it? I can smell the unwanted parts that were leftover from what the Continue reading →

April Sims Poetry: I Am Not My Complexion

I was listening to the Tom Joyner show and Huggie Lowdown called Tom Joyner light brown. I inhaled his words and exhaled them through the following words. You will soon read that it took me at record speed through my childhood and back to the present for a second then off to the future. A future that can be altered!?! I Am Not My Complexion by April Sims Why does it matter the lightness of my complexion? Why does it seem to give your brain Continue reading →

April Sims Poetry: One Million Poet March

I often dream of how beautiful it will be to have a one million poet march. I HAVE A DREAM (One Million Poet March) I have a dream A dream of a ONE MILLION poet march And in this dream as far as the eye can see There will be poets spitting poetry All spitting at the same time To the same rhyme In Unity Can’t you just close your eyes And image this event? Poets will be there from every continent And when this Continue reading →

April Sims Poetry: My Life Is On The Line

I wrote the following piece (My Life Is On The Line) in 2007 while in the emergency room waiting for my daughter. I put my  pen to pad and did not lift my pen until I was finished. My Life Is On The Line is part of a poetry cipher created by Christopher L. Fields (title creator) and Deserie Sanjo Jendayi Johnson (hook creator). The title of all pieces in the cipher is “My Life Is On The Life” and the hook is “I gotta Continue reading →