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Stop Letting The Box of Mass Distraction Govern Your Life

Stop Letting The Box of Mass Distraction Govern Your Life

This message is to all the people that drown themselves in sorrow because they want to live the lives of another. Please stop sitting down in front of the idiot box (television) feeling sorry for yourself. Stop watching how other folk’s lives are better than yours. I beg of you to push away from the […]

Learn How To Recession Proof Your Future

Learn How To Recession Proof Your Future

Learn how to recession proof your future with an amazing opportunity. 5LINX is allowing ordinary people to position themselves on the front side of an amazing wealth trend. Register Now! April Sims Independent Marketing Representative 5Linx

Everything is done for a reason; your personal testimony

“Everything is done for a reason” You might not understand why you are going through what you are going through at the time. One thing for certain, whatever you are going through will be your testimony to assist others (including yourself) in the future.

April Sims Quote: Teach Others To Respect You

Teach others how to treat you by first treating yourself with RESPECT. If you do not RESPECT yourself it will be hard to demand that others treat you with RESPECT. ~ www.aprilsims.com

April Sims Quote: Don’t Hold Someone’s Heart Hostage

It’s not nice to hold someone’s heart hostage while you wait for Mr. or Mrs. Right ~ www.aprilsims.com

April Sims Quote: Don’t Let Fear of the Word No Stop You

Don’t let fear of the word no stop you. So many have missed their window of opportunity because someone told them no and that made them uncomfortable so now they settle in life because they do not want to hear the word no again. Build a bridge and get over yourself. www.AprilSims.com

April Sims Quote: Tears Cleanse The Soul

Tears cleanse the soul. Time washes the pain away. The Love of God and self keep you going. Be strong. Make strong decisions and keep it moving. ~www.AprilSims.com

April Sims Quote: Step To The Side and Get Out Your Way

There comes a time in one’s life when you have to forgive yourself, then step aside and get out the way of your progress. Standing in the door of success will not make you successful. You have to go through the door in order to achieve success. Don’t let others pass you by. ~ www.aprilsims.com

April Sims Quote: Do Not Keep Toxic People In Your Circle

Do not keep people in your circle that are not for you. Eventually these people will stress you out and be the source of your downfall. ~ www.aprilsims.com

April Sims Quote: Let Fear Fuel You To Greatness

Never let fear rule you, instead let fear fuel you to greatness www.aprilsims.com

April Sims Quote: Having a couch does not make you a doctor

“Everyone has an opinion. Some folks need to check themselves before they dish out their opinions. Just because you have a couch does not mean you are a doctor” ~ www.aprilsims.com Moral of the story: Having a couch does not make you a doctor

April Sims: Don’t Let Someone Else’s Paralyzing Fear Hold You Back

Don’t Let Someone Else’s Paralyzing Fear Hold You Back Many are faced with the daunting task of having to leave their friends and loved ones behind in order to achieve their goals. This is the crossroad of life that will make or break individuals. Many are afraid that if they move on without their friends […]

Yelping pays, I’m a top Yelper this week

I started Yelping in April 2012 and have been Yelping ever since. Yelp.com is a site where you can share your thoughts (reviews) on restaurants, businesses, etc. as well as post events, share your thoughts and more. Go to this link http://www.yelp.com/weekly and scroll down to Top Yelpers and you will see yours truly. You can visit […]

April Sims Quote: Opportunities are everywhere

OPPORTUNITIES are EVERYWHERE. Sometimes you have to pickup and move to the OPPORTUNITY and that’s the scary part. ~ April Sims

You Gonna Make Her Love Somebody Else

You Gonna Make Her Love Somebody Else

This blog was inspired from one line, “told me a lie and didn’t have an alibi”, from Jocelyn Brown’s song entitled “Somebody Else’s Guy”. Don’t make relationship decisions for other people. If you are in a relationship tell the potential other woman that you are in relationship. Then let her decide if she wants to […]

April Sims Foodie Diaries: Gordon Biersch Food Review

I went to Gordon Biersch located in Rockville Town Square, after I saw The Avengers … I loved the atmosphere, however the food was mediocre compared to the ambiance that surrounded it. I ordered the Grilled Chicken with roasted veggies. The chicken and veggies were presented to me hidden under a mound of arugula. I […]

April Sims Food Diaries: Copper Canyon Yelp Review

OMG!!! Tommie the server at Copper Canyon Grill made my pre-birthday (day before my birthday) dinner experience a very pleasant and memorable experience. I called the manager over to compliment Tommie to find out he had only been there for a few months. WAYYYYYYY to go Tommie. I ordered the bacon cheeseburger (and added avocado). […]

Pixlr-O-Matic is a fun app that allows you to add cool effects to your images

I came across a fun app called Pixlr-O-Matic as I perused Google Play Store on my Samsung Galaxy II phone last night. Here are an example of two images I played with I had a lot of fun with these images. The possibilities and combination of possibilities are endless. The best thing about this app is it […]

Foodie Diaries: Fresh Pizzeria Yelp Review

(top l-r: Asian and West Indies pizzas – – bottom l-r: Hawaiian and Jamaican pizzas) Here is the link to my Yelp Review (see below) of Fresh Pizzeria in Rockville, Maryland. http://www.yelp.com/biz/fresh-pizzeria-rockville#hrid:MoGdO3zus3wqFERPLNS3Eg As I entered Fresh Pizzeria I was greeted by a friendly and courteous staff. Fresh Pizzeria is a cute boutique size pizzeria. However, don’t let the […]

April Sims Quote: Every situation requires one or more of the following

Every situation requires one or more of the following: (a) You’re going to do something about it (b) You’re not going to do anything about it (c) You’re going to let someone else do something about it www.AprilSims.com

April Sims Quote: Life is a series of multiple choice answers

Life is a series of multiple choice answers. Never let failure be one of the choices. ~www.aprilsims.com

April Sims Quotes: Give Yourself Tough Love

No matter how bad it hurts sometimes we have to take the advice we would give to our children. If you wold advise them not to settle, then why should you settle? Sometimes you have to give yourself tough love. ~ www.AprilSims.com

April Sims Quotes: Live Your Life As If You Were Given A Second Chance

Live Your Life As If You Were Given A Second Chance ~ April Sims

April Sims Quote: What God Does For You Is For You

What God does for you is for you. You are deserving of his gifts. Generously accept them. BE Thankful!!! ~ April Sims

April Sims Quote: Don’t deprive the world of what you can do

If you believe that you cannot do something you will eventually convince yourself and deprive the world of what you can do. Don’t be selfish. 🙂

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