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Brookside Gardens home to beautiful tribute to Washington, D.C. metropolitan area sniper victims

Brookside Gardens is a 50-acre award-winning garden operated and maintained by the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission.  Brookside Gardens is home to a beautiful conservatory, pagoda, sundial and numerous gardens and is located at 1800 Glenallan Avenue, Wheaton, Maryland 20902-1369.   Amongst all of its beauty Brookside Gardens is also home to the D.C. Sniper Victims Memorial.  The memorial is a beautiful tribute to the 10 women and men whose lives were cut short by a deadly two-man sniper team, consisting of John Allen Muhammad Continue reading →

Stay cool this summer while visiting the U.S. Capitol for free

Soaring heat temperatures on the east coast have visitors to Washington, D.C., as well as residents of Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas looking for more indoor activities. The United States Capitol and the Capitol Visitors Center provide indoor activities that will keep you cool as well as provide history about the United States Capitol and more. About the Capitol “The United States Capitol in Washington, D.C., is a symbol of the American people and their government, the meeting place of the nation’s legislature. The Capitol Continue reading →

April Sims: Clara Barton National Historic Site Review

In this day and age people are still looking for things to do on their vacation, however they may not have as much money as they use to in this economy. For the DMV Staycationers (and history buffs) – – the Clara Barton House in Glen Echo, Maryland is a GREAT place to visit for FREE and in exchange you get a glimpse into the past a lot of history right in the DMV’s backyard. To be honest I did not think this would site Continue reading →

Cheap Find: Discount Airfare Sites

In a day and age where bargain shopping is a must and we still want to travel, I have compiled a list of travel sites (see below) for you to peruse for the cheapest airfare deals. AirfareWatchDog CheapTickets Expedia FairCompare Kayak Orbitz SideStep Travelocity TravelZoo Priceline Do you have any sites to add? If yes, put them in the comment box below. Thank you and enjoy your trip(s).