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2011 Christmas Light Displays in Washington DC

Rachel Cooper of About.com has compiled a wonderful list of some of the best Christmas light displays in Washington, D.C. for the year 2011. Her list includes everything from Zoolights at the National Zoo and Festival of Lights at the Mormon Temple to the Garden of Lights at Brookside Gardens and more. Click here to […]

It Breaks My Heart That I Cannot Fix Him, My Grandson

As many of you know my three-year old grandson Isaiah was diagnosed with Autism last year. It was a bitter-sweet diagnosis. Sweet because answers to our questions like why does he flap his arms when he gets excited?, why does he get so angry?, why doesn’t he talk?, why does he line his toys up […]

A Sims Family Thanksgiving 2010 [pictures]

I am sooooooo thankful for my family as well as the U.S. government making today a holiday. The holiday allowed me to spend time with some of my family members. This year Thanksgiving dinner was at my mom’s house. I arrived hungry. Look at my plate below. My mom made some of her favorite dishes. […]