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Marketing for photographers

What is marketing and why on earth do I need to market? Simply put, marketing is whatever it takes to attract clients to you (your brand, products and services). What are you doing to attract clients to you? You cannot wait for business to come to you Sometimes you have to go to the business Most clients do not own a crystal ball and sometimes you have to create the business “Customers don’t always know what they want. The decline in coffee-drinking was due to Continue reading →

6 Ways to present your opportunity to prospects on a shoestring budget

1. Website A website is a virtual location on WWW (world wide web), containing several subject or company related webpages and data files accessible through a browser. Each website has its own unique web address (see uniform resource locator) which can be reached through an internet connection. The opening page of a website is usually called homepage which contains hyperlinks to other pages on the same or other site(s). A single web server may support multiple websites and a single website may reside on multiple Continue reading →

Four Fish Prospecting Personality Types

When looking for prospects you must be able to discern one personality type from another. You must be about to put a personality trait with each type of prospect so you will know how to approach them as well as know what appeals to them. You need to know their likes and dislikes. Knowing the likes and dislikes of the following personality types can be very profitable. Four Fish Prospecting Personality Types 1. Red Sharks Sharks are aggressive and motivated by money and nice things. Continue reading →

What Are You Doing To Make Clients Stick To You Like Glue?

What Are You Doing To Attract Clients? You cannot wait for business to come to you. Keep in mind, you can be the most talented person in your field, HOWEVER if no one knows about you, then you mine as well be invisible. In order to create visibility, you must market your brand, starting with yourself. Brand yourself by becoming a reliable source. 6 Ways To Become a Reliable Source Create a blog or website Provide valuable content Create fusion partnerships Work with like vendors Continue reading →

David Fagan, CEO of Guerrilla Marketing, Teaching The Law of Multiplication [video]

I am always searching the internet on new ways to market my business as well as pass on knowledge onto others, because I strongly believe in “WE are GREATER than i“. I truly believe the reason I find so many golden nuggets on the internet is because I share with others. The golden nugget that I would like share with you today is a video (see below) I came across on Vimeo entitled ‘David Fagan – CEO of Guerrilla Marketing‘. In the following video David Continue reading →

Do You Want To Know Who Unfollowed You on Twitter?

Have You Ever Wonder Who Unfollowed You on Twitter? who.unfollowed.me is a great site that allows you to track who unfollows you on Twitter. Some of the unfollowers will come as a surprise to you, and some of them will not. In any case feel free to reciprocate the gesture or not. who.unfollowed.me has a free option as well as a paid option. Both options begin with signing into who.unfollowed.me with your Twitter account. You are then asked to give the website the authority to access your Twitter Continue reading →

Learn fan management from the dead, Grateful Dead

I remember as a child seeing Dead Heads (what Grateful Dead fans are called) camping out in nearby shopping centers for weeks waiting for the Grateful Dead to come to the U.S. Air Arena (located in Maryland). One thing I have come to find is marketing is marketing is marketing AND a good marketing plan can be used across several genres. The game stays the same, however the brands and products stay the same. I came across an interesting blog that Hypebot wrote titled “Fan Continue reading →

Grab a hold of the clients attention, ‘Ink Not Mink’ campaign

One thing that has sold from the beginning of time and will probably sell to the end of time is sex. People are enamored with hour glass figures and chiseled bodies. This is the case with PETA‘s recent “Ink, Not Mink. Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin and Let Animals Keep Theirs” campaign showcasing NFL football star Chad Ochocinco. Even if you were not a vegan you would toss the thought around after looking at Ochocinco’s body.  Many will say to themselves, he is a Continue reading →

Blog Love, Nov. 22

Blog Love, Nov. 20 Here are some GREAT blogs I came across today and wanted to share them with you. Don’t Be Distracted By Monkey Business Mattel Designs Web Properties With Advertisers In Mind How to Use Document Sharing Websites Volume Based Link Building Is a Huge Trap I hope the links are as helpful to you as they are for me.