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Flotus tells Grads “when you encounter those doubters …”

Great advice from FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States) via Twitter. “When you encounter those doubters … Don’t get angry. Don’t get anxious or insecure. Get better. Work harder.”-@FLOTUS to DC-CAP grads — Reach Higher (@ReachHigher) June 19, 2014 When boxers and other sports players are trained one of the first things that they learn is not to let their opponents get inside of their heads. When someone gets inside of your head, one typically loses their train of thought, which in turn knocks Continue reading →

Ultimate motivation, No excuses [video]

There are enough people out there that will try to beat you down if you let them. Don’t jump on the bandwagon and beat yourself down. Lift yourself up. On your journey up extend your hand and pull someone else up. Be your own Ultimate Motivation. On your journey up keep the door open for others to follow. Continue to strive for perfection. Do this over and over again. Repetition is key. If this blog inspired you, please share it with somone else, then leave Continue reading →

Motivational video to get your day started

  Motivation comes from within. Feed your mind positive words and images to kick start your motivation. Go to sleep reading or watching something inspiration or wake up reading something inspirational to get your day started. If you enjoyed this video please share it with others so they can be inspired.

Trigeminal Neuralgia: Sometimes you never know how strong you are

  After dealing with episodes of off and on pain due to Trigeminal Neuralgia for the past 10 years, seeing the above image on the internet is exactly how I feel. This image goes perfectly with the Bob Marley quote, You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.“ There were many mornings, noons and nights where I just wanted the pain to go away by any means necessary.  That is when I take deep breaths and focus Continue reading →

Stop Letting The Box of Mass Distraction Govern Your Life

This message is to all the people that drown themselves in sorrow because they want to live the lives of another. Please stop sitting down in front of the idiot box (television) feeling sorry for yourself. Stop watching how other folk’s lives are better than yours. I beg of you to push away from the box of mass distraction so you can stop beating yourself up. The people on television represent a very small portion of the world and many of the things that happen Continue reading →

Don’t Settle For A Temp Relationship When You Can Have A Permanent One

Needle In A Haystack Finding permanent love at a temporary service is like “finding a needle in a haystack”. Stop going through life trying to fill the “so-called void” in your life with someone you know from the very beginning is temporary. Many of us know from the first date if we are interested in pursuing a relationship with someone or not. As soon as one figures this out, they should not make decisions for the other person by dragging on a relationship they do not Continue reading →

Every morning starts a new page in your story

“Every day starts a new page in your story. MAKE today a great one” ~ Doe Zantamata Every day you wake up feel blessed to have a chance to pick up where you left off the day before. There are millions if not billions of people in the world that pray they had your problems every day.

Be THANKFUL for the IRON in your life

  Proverbs: 27:17 “Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend”. Be thankful for the family member(s) or friend(s) that has been the iron in your life. Be thankful for the family member(s) or friend(s) that has kept you sharp. There are many that will go through life never acknowledging the iron in their life until it is too late. Don’t wait until the 11th hour to give THANKS and APPRECIATION to those in your life that keep you sharp. You never Continue reading →

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

A few things I took away from this video People don’t buy what you do, but why you do it We do business with people who believe in what we believe People who believe in you will be with you through blood, sweat and tears. All others will just work for your money. Proof of what you do is why you believe  

Aimee Mullins: The opportunity of adversity [video]

Aimee Mullins There’s an important difference and distinction between the objective medical fact of my being an amputee and the subjective societal opinion of whether or not I’m disabled. Truthfully, the only real and consistent disability I’ve had to confront is the world ever thinking that I could be described by those definitions.” (Aimee Mullins)

Everything is done for a reason; your personal testimony

“Everything is done for a reason” You might not understand why you are going through what you are going through at the time. One thing for certain, whatever you are going through will be your testimony to assist others (including yourself) in the future.

Contractions are a part of giving birth to relationships

Birth is a beautiful thing, however birth is not easy. There will be some joy and there will be some pain, however in the end it will be worth it when you give birth. Relationships are the same. The contractions will be a mutha (shut your mouth), however in order to give birth to a beautiful relationship every once in a while you will have a contraction. It’s part of growth and birth. If your relationship is worth it, don’t abort it.

David Fagan, CEO of Guerrilla Marketing, Teaching The Law of Multiplication [video]

I am always searching the internet on new ways to market my business as well as pass on knowledge onto others, because I strongly believe in “WE are GREATER than i“. I truly believe the reason I find so many golden nuggets on the internet is because I share with others. The golden nugget that I would like share with you today is a video (see below) I came across on Vimeo entitled ‘David Fagan – CEO of Guerrilla Marketing‘. In the following video David Continue reading →

April Sims Poetry: Bring Him Back Inside

Living in a society where the divorce rate is so high . . . the following words leaked from my pen. BRING HIM BACK INSIDE You listened to your girls again today And threw him out because you could not get your way You told your girls the good and the bad Women who do this make me mad If you love your man pick up the phone And tell him to come back home You need to swallow your pride And ask him to Continue reading →