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April Sims Poetry: Bring Him Back Inside

April Sims Poetry: Bring Him Back Inside

Living in a society where the divorce rate is so high . . . the following words leaked from my pen. BRING HIM BACK INSIDE You listened to your girls again today And threw him out because you could not get your way You told your girls the good and the bad Women who do […]

April Sims Poetry: She

April Sims Poetry: She SHE That was Deeply rooted In her Christ Attended church Mostly every Sunday As most devote Christians do She Worshipped Christ And praised Christ But when She Left the church Apparently She Left Christ inside For outside the Church Her flesh Was truly flesh And hatred it did manifest A hatred […]

Indie Gogo and Kickstarter are good sites to help you fund your next project

In this day and age where money is a little hard to come by (or if you want to see how loyal your fan base is), I’ve come across two great sites that will allow you to create a fundraiser for your next project. www.IndieGoGo.com IndieGoGo helps you raise more money, from more people, faster. […]

April Sims Poetry: I Am Not My Complexion

I was listening to the Tom Joyner show and Huggie Lowdown called Tom Joyner light brown. I inhaled his words and exhaled them through the following words. You will soon read that it took me at record speed through my childhood and back to the present for a second then off to the future. A […]

April Sims Poetry: One Million Poet March

I often dream of how beautiful it will be to have a one million poet march. I HAVE A DREAM (One Million Poet March) I have a dream A dream of a ONE MILLION poet march And in this dream as far as the eye can see There will be poets spitting poetry All spitting […]

Spotlight on Jazz and Poetry Presents Sonia Sanchez

CONGRATULATIONS to Clay Corley Sr and Donna Kirven on starting the Spotlight on Jazz and Poetry new year off right. Their first interview of the year was the lovely Sonia Sanchez. You can listen to the interview at www.sojpradio.com. Spotlight on Jazz and Poetry says … Ladies and Gentlemen, We are so proud to inform you of an exciting new […]

April Sims Poetry: My Life Is On The Line

I wrote the following piece (My Life Is On The Line) in 2007 while in the emergency room waiting for my daughter. I put my  pen to pad and did not lift my pen until I was finished. My Life Is On The Line is part of a poetry cipher created by Christopher L. Fields […]

The Christopher Fields Project is now available on CDbaby and Amazon

My friend Christopher L. Fields has finally given birth to a three year dream. He has worked extremely hard to get his words tight, along with the music and vocals on his latest CD project. It is an experience from beginning to end. Album Notes Each element that comprises The Christopher Fields Project is strong […]

A few images from my photo shoots with Def Jam Poetry Poet Lamont Carey [video]

One of my good friends and favorite photography subjects is entrepreneur and Def Jam Poetry Poet Lamont Carey. Lamont is willing to go the extra mile to get the shot. Below are a few images from photo shoots that I have had with Lamont over the years.   Pictures of Lamont Carey http://www.lamontspov.tk/ Video footage […]

Indie Find: Mark Goggins, CEO of The Black Poetry Cafe and BPC Entertainment, LLC

Official Biography (courtesy of TheBlackRevolution.net) Mark Goggins was born in Charleston, S.C. on October 13, 1966 during the latter stages of the Civil Rights movement and during the birth of what became known as the Black Power movement. He graduated from Middleton high school in 1985 and joined the U.S. Army where he served four […]