The day I found out I had Trigeminal Neuralgia Pt 1

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Yesterday I posted two blogs (“Living with Trigeminal Neuralgia” and “Trigeminal Neuralgia stalls my weight loss journey or nah“) that peaked interest from many online as well as offline in regards to Trigeminal Neuralgia.  With that said, I decided to tell my experience in regards to TN.

The Day That Changed The Rest of My Life

Ten years ago (2004) I was rudely awakened by an excruciating pain that seemed to stem from a pain in my face (in the area of my upper lip).  The pain was located on the left side of my face and it was a pain like I’ve never felt before.

The Beginning of My Medical Journey

After the pain calmed down I called my dentist to make an appointment.  I scheduled an appointment for the very next day.  Upon arrival he proceeded to conduct a series of x-rays.  The x-rays came back clean.  He was baffled.  He even consulted his medical dictionary.  At the conclusion of the appointment he told me to put Sensodyne toothpaste on my gums.  Huh?  Well, we know that did not work.

Next Appointment

I went home and broke out my telephone book.  Yes this journey began when there was no such thing as Google.

I found a dentist and made an appointment for the very next day.

I met with the dentist and began to tell him my story.  In the middle of my story he asked me what kind of insurance I had.  I was very puzzled by this question, however I was in so much pain that I just told him.

After I told him I could have sworn I saw a twinkle in his eye.  I guess he saw a cash cow because that was when he told me I needed several root canals.  Uh yeah right buddy is what I thought to myself.  I took my insurance card and left.

I would go to a minimum of six more dentists who all told me that they could not find anything wrong with me.

Girl It’s All In Your Head

At this point, as you can imagine I was very frustrated and decided to reach out to friends for the name of a reputable dentist; because I was not having any luck whatsoever with the yellow pages.

A friend of mine gave me the number to her family dentist.  I made an appointment that day and went in the very next day.

When I arrived the dentist proceeded to run a series of x-rays.  It took a few moments for the x-rays to be processed. The x-rays came back clean and the dentist told me in so many words that the pain was in my head.  He was trying to be facetious, however he was oh so right since TN is a neurological disorder.

Oh My Goodness Can Someone Please Help Me

The pain was starting to come more and more frequently and started to spread from my upper lip area down to my jaw.

I talked to a friend of mine that worked for a family doctor and she set up an appointment for me the next day at her office.

The doctor at her office examined me could not find anything wrong and suggested I visit his friend downstairs (in the same medical building) that was a neurologist.  He was able to pull some strings and secured an appointment for me to be seen by his friend that day.

Thank You So Much I Know Relief Is Coming Soon

I thanked him for what must have seemed like an eternity to him.

I went downstairs to the neurologist and told my story for what seemed to be like the millionth time.  He got a shocked looked on his face and asked me to open my mouth.  This scared me, but at this point I was like what the heck and opened my mouth.  He looked in my mouth and took a huge sigh of relief and then said, “Oh my goodness I’m so glad you still have all of your teeth.”

Of course I was stunned by this comment and asked him what in the world he was talking about.  He told me that he believed I had Trigeminal Neuralgia and most people with this affliction go to dentists where the dentist proceeds to start pulling out their teeth one by one.

I was so relieved that I had all of my teeth; and someone finally believed me in regards to the pain in my face because I was starting to second guess myself after so many people telling me there was nothing wrong with me.

tn pills

The neurologist prescribed Neurontin, which was my first exposure to one of many prescription drugs.

He also scheduled an MRI for me.

I will stop there and continue with the rest of my journey in a future blog.

~ April

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