The June 29, 2012 storm in the D.C. metro area was scary

  • Sumo

The night of June 29, 2012 I was in a very deep sleep when all of a sudden I kept seeing light flashing. At first I thought it was my youngest daughter flicking the lights on and off. I was set to get up and close my bedroom door when I noticed the light was coming from outside. Then I thought folks were starting Fourth of July early. I got up and went to the window and noticed the wind was blowing extremely hard. It looked like a scene from out of Harry Potter. Looking up at the sky, I truly thought something or someone was going to come flying out of the clouds. About five minutes later the thunder rolled in and it seemed like all hell broke loose. Then our power went out. Drats!

The storm seemed to last all night and the brunt of the storm lasted about two hours. The brunt meaning when the winds, lighting and thunder all seemed to be fighting to see which could be louder, brighter and/or cause the most damage.

I’ve never seen that much lighting at one time during a storm.

After the storm was over I looked at my phone and the bars were steadily going down. I realized today that I’m addicted to my phone and all the apps on it like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. With that being said, when my phone started beeping that it was almost out of power, I put on my house shoes and went to my car to charge my phone. I felt bad at first until I looked around to saw all my neighbors in their cars doing the same thing.

I posted my addiction to Facebook and found that I was not the only one with this addiction. Many of my Facebook friends commented on my status that they were addicted while others posted their addiction to their respective Facebook pages.

Surfing the net on my phone I found that millions of people in the D.C. metro area were without power. I was upset to hear that millions were without power, however I was so sad to hear that four people died due to the storms.

Currently my power is still out and the temperatures will be soaring to the high 90’s.

I send my prayers and condolences to all that families that have been affected by this storm.

The Washington Post reported that “one person still missing after boat swamped and capsized last night off Chesapeake Beach in Calvert County, Maryland State Police said.”

I’m visiting my daughter that lives 4 miles from me. She has power and a/c. Yay!

I hope to be able to go home soon, but right now it is entirely too hot.


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