Today is Cyber Monday, will you be participating? Three sites that can help you out.

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Will you be partaking in Cyber Monday?

The Monday after Black Friday has been dubbed Cyber Monday.

What is exactly Cyber Monday you ask?

Cyber Monday is when holiday shoppers take to the internet to make holiday purchases.

Now what is Black Friday?

Basically, Black Friday folks get up at the crack of too early to physically go to stores and shop. Many wait outside in extremely long lines in the bitter cold to get the best prices.

My son-in-law was one of those in line on Black Friday. He purchased a video game for $30 off. My mouth dropped to the ground when my daughter told me that. I just cannot fathom paying over $60 for a video game and apparently my son-in-law felt the same way.

Anyway, back to Cyber Monday. On Cyber Monday folks get up at the crack of too early and surf the net in the p.j.’s. Hmmmmm … does not seem anywhere near equal to me.

How long to you think Black Friday will last with the rise of Cyber Monday?

I personally think it will be around, because some folks don’t even shop on Black Friday. They are just there because it is something they look forward to every year. I have an aunt that has been getting up at the crack of too early for years now on Black Friday. She treats the experience as a sport. She loves it.

Some perks to Cyber Monday are no delivery charges. That means no gassing up the car or hauling a bunch of bags to your vehicle.

After the Black Friday(ites) and Cyber Monday(ites) will be the Holiday Eve(ites). Holiday Eve(ites) are folks that wait until the eleventh hour to do their holiday shopping.

If you do plan to participate in Cyber Monday here are some websites that you might want to check out.

Do you have any sites to add? If so, place them in the comment box below.

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