Trigeminal Neuralgia: What triggers TN for me

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Lately I have been asked many questions about Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN).  Below are some of the most popular questions.

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What triggers your Trigeminal Neuralgia to flare up?

I think that is a great question and one that I have been pondering as well as observing for years.

I’ve noticed that when I am super-stressed or if I have sinus infection like conditions my TN flares up.

In the beginning sometimes taking sinus medicine to dry up the excess fluid in sinuses was mildly comforting.

Other times it comes from what seems to be out of no where.

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What happens when the pain flares up?

When the pain flares up it feels like a thunder and lightning storm going off in my face (in the upper left side of my face right under my nose (in the upper lip area) and down to underneath my jawline.

Sometimes it will be in one concentrated area of my face and sometimes it hurt on the entire left side of my face.

In the beginning years it would start from my upper lip and move upward.  In the latter years up until present day it starts in my upper lip and moves downward.

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What can’t you do during flare ups?

Pretty much everything that has to do with the left side of my face from brushing my teeth, apply make-up, touch my face or lips to drinking and eating.

Sometimes it is even painful for me to walk.  If I step down wrong it sends a jolt to my face that is excruciating.

Typically, when a flare up occur I freeze like a deer caught in headlights and pray until the pain has gone completely away.  I used to wait until it subsided, however as time goes out this has not been a good idea because the pain will just start all over again.

During this time I do not want to talk or be touched because the pain is so intense.

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What do you do to relieve your pain?

I do a lot of praying as well as deep breathing.

I am currently taking Neurontin three times a day, along with Percocet for pain.

This concoction brings the pain to an ache in lieu of excruciating pain.

Please spread the word about Trigeminal Neuralgia so a cure can be found.  So many are needlessly suffering.

I will create more blogs as questions arise.

~ April

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