You are priceless. Do not devalue yourself.

  • Sumo

F.L.Y. = first love yourself

You are priceless.

Do not devalue yourself by being an option in lieu of a priority. Your self-worth should be the opposite of second best, finishing last and accepting whatever scraps are provided to you.

If someone sees you as an option, then leave as fast as you can and do not look back.

Someone in the future will thank them for what they did to you by taking you in and riding off into the sunset with you.

You cannot ride off into the sunset until you leave.

It takes a lot of strength to leave.

You will give yourself a few reasons to leave and a million reasons based on fear to stay.

If you put your reasons on a scale the reasons to leave will outweigh the reasons to stay.

You are rare and priceless.

You are one of a kind.  When the Omnipotent Creator made you He broke the mold. There has never been anyone exactly like you and will never be anyone exactly like you.

Do not devalue yourself, because the Omnipotent Creator only makes beautiful works of art.

Take today to work on your legacy.

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